Quick piece on a snowy afternoon

Quick exercise to just dump ink and see if I could get it out of my brain. What is it? No idea, I don’t even know if I got it out or not.

It’s Snowpocolyple according to the weather service. I’ve wanted to do art for days but as usual was afraid of a poor end result. I hit the point today where I felt too tired to do anything but sit down and just scrape out some shapes with a nib holder.

Cocoa, ink, nib holder, and some Fabriano Mixed Media paper. The stage is set.

I wanted to use speedball Super Black ink instead of my Dr. Ph Martin acrylic. I didn’t want shine. I wish it had a eye dropper in the bottle. I might need to order some for effects.

Finished piece

Creepy? Cool? Beats me. I’m not even sure if it’s done.

Have a good day, stay warm or cool, or whatever is appropriate.

Remember, don’t be like me. Do your art.


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