The last two months…

Wow, had it been two months since I posted? Far too long.

Art has been slow. I’ve been working on a larger watercolor for a while. Layer by layer. I sketched, designed, and drew it out. I painted the under painting foundation colors and worked with it bit by bit but it has a long way to go.

It’s getting there but progress is slow

I think I’m afraid that if it looks good it will be because of “happy accidents” and not skill on my part. We shall see what happens.

A couple weeks ago my wife and I had a long talk about my art and business. I’m selling about one painting a quarter and I have a lot of ideas for art to go on merchandise but it won’t look good as traditional media. She said that I should start working digitally. I started researching and ended up getting an Ipad and Apple. I’m working on learning Procreate now and hopefully will get some things out on my Red Bubble store or finally get my Inprnt store up and running.

Sketch, to digital ink, to colorized waiting for details.

Procreate is a great tool and the Apple pencil works very well but there are a lot of tools within Procreate to learn so it will take some time so I’ll enjoy the journey.

Until next time do art.


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