When you are diligently practicing line work over lunch and your brain says “draw a snail…” uhhh…kinda busy here. “Snail!  NOW!!!” You draw the snail. Any practice is better than no practice and who knows. Maybe there will be a finished piece with a snail in it. Enjoy… and do some art. Clark

Digital art – Rise of the Beast

Hi all. This is my latest digital piece created in Procreate. I learned a lot about the tool and the hours drawing really helped me get more comfortable drawing again. 39h 15m total time on it. Prints and merch are available on Redbubble.

Journal backgrounds

More backgrounds that I’ve painted in my Leuchtturm1917 notebook. Sometimes I like them so much it’s hard to write over them. A moment to vent. Why does an ultralight paper like the Leutchturm1917 take paint so well. I mean I can scrape rocks out of the paint on it without tearing but when I get…

3/31/22 – Moleskine

Started this as a simple loose, wet in wet watercolor in my A5 Moleskine sketchbook. It piled horribly… but my wet in wet technique was good so I was happy. The more I looked at it the more I wanted to do some inkwork on it. I thought about it overnight and off and on…

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