The last two months…

Wow, had it been two months since I posted? Far too long. Art has been slow. I’ve been working on a larger watercolor for a while. Layer by layer. I sketched, designed, and drew it out. I painted the under painting foundation colors and worked with it bit by bit but it has a long […]

Quick piece on a snowy afternoon

Quick exercise to just dump ink and see if I could get it out of my brain. What is it? No idea, I don’t even know if I got it out or not. It’s Snowpocolyple according to the weather service. I’ve wanted to do art for days but as usual was afraid of a poor […]

Latest project and process ruminations

My latest project has just gotten past the concept sketch phase. I decided to do whimsical forest with stacks of books and a path made of large books as stepping stones. For me the design and layout portion of a new piece is always the most stressful. I can see what I want but getting […]

Functional Art

Some times I make art because I’m tired of looking at something generic and boring. Case in point. My phone cases. They are generic clear cases and after a year of carrying them, I’ve become tired of looking at them but they are functional so I don’t want to get new ones and toss these […]

New Year, New Post 2021

Here’s hoping everyone had a wonderful holiday season and is warm, safe, and healthy (or cool and comfortable if it’s summer in your part of the world). So the last couple months I’ve had a hard time getting my art groove on. I think the whole pandemic thing has been dragging me down. But it’s […]

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