Latest project and process ruminations

My latest project has just gotten past the concept sketch phase. I decided to do whimsical forest with stacks of books and a path made of large books as stepping stones.

For me the design and layout portion of a new piece is always the most stressful. I can see what I want but getting it on paper is frustrating. Fear of messing up, the shapes coming out wrong, learning new skills always puts me in a state of procrastination. I’d really rather do something off the cuff and let the paper and paint decide what I’m doing than think and struggle with the new and unknown.

Anyone else have these struggles?

So I drew it and inked it to identify where the light is coming from. Now I just need to replicate the basics on a large sheet of watercolor paper and move forward with it.

To be continued…

Finished sketch/study. On to the paint.

Remember, do art.


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