Journal backgrounds

More backgrounds that I’ve painted in my Leuchtturm1917 notebook. Sometimes I like them so much it’s hard to write over them.

Loved this one. Hurt to write over it.
Painted this one in my Moleskine sketchbook and decided it needed some ink to make it pop.

A moment to vent. Why does an ultralight paper like the Leutchturm1917 take paint so well. I mean I can scrape rocks out of the paint on it without tearing but when I get any water on the thicker Moleskine paper it piles horribly? Frustration!

I painted the background wash nervous bed one night and when I came back to it I thought oh, that looks like it should be a botanical illustration so that’s what it became.
Back to the Moleskine. I see all these wonderful artists using Crow quills but I hate the speedball holder. They are absolute shit for older hands. So I watched some videos and taped one of mine up and it was sufferable for a while. I need a new larger one.
Last one for today. I really like working with light. So I did another one. I’ll probably do some more and move out of the sketchbook.

That’s it for today. I hope you like them. Remember, do art.


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