Inktober Day 1 Ring

Yesterday was hectic. My plan for day 1 was a forest scene with a deer in it, large majestic rack with a crown nested among the tines… but the inside cover piece that I started the night before wasn’t done and I needed to finish it first.

So over lunch I finished the cover piece. It didn’t turn out like I had hoped. The Artsnack Inktober Plumchester sketchbook says it’s 108# paper but it feels thinner than my Canson 98# mixed media sketchbook. Lots of warping when using a brush loaded with ink. Lesson learned, I’ll stick with dip pens and multiliner on this challenge.

Sketchbook cover art

I did manage to find time over lunch to get a basic sketch of what I wanted to ink in. My big fear was that given how long the last forest scene took (9 hours) that I would struggle with this one and have to cut corners. So after my daughter was done with her homework we sat down and started working on day one. In all it took a little under three hours to ink.

What do you think? How did everyone else’s day 1 go?

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