Organic vs Forced Growth

The other day I got a notification that some people had started following me on Instagram (@clarkwilliamsonart) and I thought “Woohoo! 88 followers, getting close to that magical 100.”. Then I looked at my daughter’s Instagram…400 followers?!? Wait she only has 2 posts. What the?!? How? So I asked her about it and she shrugged and said “I know a lot of people.” Grrrr… okay, I can admit it. I felt jealousy.

It’s okay though because the forced growth isn’t real. I have people follow me for a few days looking for me to reciprocate and then go away just as quickly.

It’s like learning your art. If you force it you probably won’t enjoy it as much.

The latest ink piece I started the other day is like this. I started adding the ink, spreading with water, adding salt…I could not see any magic in it so I started squinting and hunting for something in it just to push forward. It’s stuck in that ugly stage now. It’s waiting for me to find inspiration or a spark that may never come…

I’ve ended up searching for a waterfall in it but alas…

Meanwhile on the digital front I have been learning and taking my time. I like where this one is headed and I’ve learned to use layers liberally so I can remove the things I don’t like.

The windows on the right may go away… not sure

Then there’s this just for fun price I started. I’ll finish it eventually. My Procreate skills haven’t matured enough for the piece.

Everyone’s favorite radioactive lizard

Until next time… do art.


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