Functional Art

Some times I make art because I’m tired of looking at something generic and boring.

Case in point. My phone cases. They are generic clear cases and after a year of carrying them, I’ve become tired of looking at them but they are functional so I don’t want to get new ones and toss these out. It seems wasteful. I’ve thought about making some art to insert into the back but hadn’t because I was fine with them.

Bare, bland, blah…

Now I’m not, so I went through and traced out the size, shape, and camera placement on each, cut them out and then did a splatter design in acrylic ink several layers thick.

Once they were dry I simply removed the cases, inserted the art, and closed them back up. Poof! New case look that I can change on a whim.

Shiny and new

Please note, my cases have a fair amount of room between the back of the phone and the case. I’ve had someone tell me that the space is necessary so that the case can compress and absorb the impact if you drop it so I would make sure if you do this to not use too thick a medium and retains that space.

Side note: I have posted a fair amount of my art on Red Bubble so if you see a piece of artwork you like but want it to be functional and not to hang on the wall they are available on notebooks, phone cases, totes, prints (if you do want them on the wall), etc… just search for clarkwilliamson on and take a look!

Have a great day and remember. Do art.


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