World Watercolor Month challenge days 1-4

Hello all.   July is World Watercolor Month and the challenge created by  Doodlewash is to do something in watercolor or gouache every day of the month. 

Normally I wouldn’t do a challenge like this but as you can see I haven’t been painting or posting as often as I’d like.   In deciding to do this I’ve chosen to use a 5.5×8.5″ Strathmore pad in 140# cold press.   My goal in keeping the paper size small is that I will be more likely to succeed in completing a new piece each day and try new techniques out.

So far four days in I’m doing okay. So without further ado here are days 1-4.

Day 1, a misty mountain sketch
Day 2, a calm beach
Day 3, a frigid icy beach done entirely in Prussian Blue
Day 4, a desert landscape

I’m quite pleased with how these turned out. Is anyone else doing the challenge?

Until I post the next pieces.

Do art.


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