Now What?

Here is my latest painting.   I don’t like it.  After a couple that I love…this one… this one…I don’t know.   My wife said it’s not you.   Were you fighting with the trees?  I think she’s right.   I spent a week fiddling with it.   It just doesn’t want to get any better.  It kicked my butt.


The background ended up too light and lacked enough of the sky colors to pull it in.

Why is it so white?!?

The midground just feels muddy and got worse when I attempted to add shadows.

The foreground… well it just feels green and flat.  Not what I wanted.

Oh well,  live and learn.   I think my real problem was that I refused to clean my palette and kept working in the muck.  It needs a good cleaning badly.

So where to go from here?  Honestly I’m not sure.   But I’m sure the paper and paint will tell me.

Do art.


2 thoughts on “Now What?

  1. I know many watercolorist who swear by NOT cleaning their palettes… I’m not one of those 🤣. I try to stick to a limited palette per painting, but don’t always use the same limited colors! And every piece is. A learning piece….

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    1. I try to leave the same colors in the mixing area as long as possible to use as much as possible and you’re right. Every piece is a learning piece. Make mistakes, figure out how to fix them or cover them up.


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