Inktober 9-13

It has been a busy week or two. I was off in the mountains for five days and only penciled my Inktober pieces and that whole life/ work being busy has kept me on my toes.

I shall persevere! Here are the drawings for days nine through 13 and a bit of commentary for each one.

Day 9 – Swing

I really wanted to go detailed and bury myself in this one but I didn’t have time so I held off. I’m beginning to think I’ll be redoing some of these prompts in greater detail. Things I liked about this one: I feel like I have the wind blowing left to right consistently, the tree is fairly good. Things I don’t like: I didn’t realize until now just how barren that middle ground looks.

Day 9-Swing

Day 10 – Pattern

After a few days walking through the Rockies it’s hard not to see patterns in the trees and that’s what day 10 was about for me. Seeing the different clusters of aspens and pines.

Day 10 – Patterns

Day 11 – Snow

My first thoughts on this was snowflakes but it’s October and even though we’ve already had our first snow I wanted to keep it Octobery and so they became cobweb snowflakes.

Day 11 – Snow

Day 12 – Dragon

Dragons, oh dragons, how I love them. However I’m horrible at drawing them with all the time in the world so I decided to do a dragon in the style of the coats of arms. Did I hit it?

Day 12 – Dragon

Day 13 – Ash

I had no idea where to go with this prompt. Honestly I found myself scraping through it. Spilled ash from the wood stove? The spade falling in midair and scattering ash everywhere? This one was a struggle. I’m happy with the stove pipe and the spade. Everything else… room for improvement there is and that’s what the challenge is about. Improvement.

Day 13 – Ash

I hope if you stuck with me this far you’ve enjoyed my commentary.

Who else is struggling? Any victories in your art?


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