Inktober Days: 5, 6 &7

It feels like Inktober has been going on forever but we’ve only had seven days so far.

Build started out in my mind as something larger but I decided to go smaller with better details. So some wooden building blocks that a toddler would play with.

For day 6 I thought about bodybuilders and action heroes. You know husky. Many others did the dog breed Huskie so I didn’t want to do that, though it would fit in with my goal of including animals. As I was getting ready to start I thought about the old comic characters Sarge from Beetle Bailey, Garfield the cat, and Hagar the Horrible (who really wasn’t so horrible) and decided to go that route.

The piece isn’t perfect. The proportions are off a bit but I enjoyed drawing it (my first comic character) and I learned from it.

Day 7 was something I was looking forward too. I had in my mind a enchanted forest to go with the promopt “enchanted”. Alas, by the end of the day I was running out of time so it became a bit frenzied but I think I hit the points I wanted to. There is darkness and light. A bit of whimsy. What do you think?

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