Inktober Day 3: Bait

Some times I wish Inktober only occurred on weekends that way I’d have more time to work on a piece but alas, then it wouldn’t be nearly the same challenge would it?

Day three’s prompt was bait. This word can inspire many ideas depending where your head is. For me it brought two common ideas to mind. A fishing hook/ fishing bait and a box trap. Thinking about them I was more inspired by the fishing one ((and judging buy all the fishing day 3 at it there I was not alone). I was short on time so I thought about what was the most fun way to draw fish? I decided that the simple 1-2 line crisscross pattern with light details would be fun but to do it in a single plane one dimensional manner but bent like it was three dimensional and have it as a school of bait fish. I have so say I did enjoy it. The restrictions to my time and attempting to keep it simple and flowing was a challenge.

What did you do for Day 3?


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