Brace yourselves…

We are almost a third of the way through September and that means it’s time to prepare for Inktober.

If you are not familiar with Inktober it is a drawing challenge created by Jake Parker where he provides a list of drawing prompts and you create one new inkwork every day for 31 days. This has been expanded on to include digital art, pencil drawings, and paintings as well by some people taking part. As you can imagine this can be quite the challenge. I have yet to complete the challenge despite my best efforts.

This year for sure! Most artists set some sort of goal and mine is to include animals and people in each piece since truthfully they are something I avoid. In preparation for it I’ve started working on drawing animals. recognizing the skeletal structure, where the muscles attach and how they flex with movement. It will be a challenge for sure.

If you are doing Inktober what are your goals or challenges?

Enjoy the art,

3 thoughts on “Brace yourselves…

  1. I started learning to draw in 2015 but didn’t post online until 2016. That was when I first heard of Inktober. I was too intimidated to try it that year. In 2017, I made an attempt, but didn’t get through the entire month. Last year, 2018, my drawings were crappy — little “doodle monsters” and weird-looking people, mostly — but I completed all 31 drawings. I was very proud of myself. This year, I have an idea in mind, and I’m really looking forward to October. I want the satisfaction of completing Inktober again.


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