A break from Inktober

So I was getting burned out on trying to catch up on Inktober and was missing my watercolors (I could hear them calling to me) so yesterday I took a break and started working on a painting and finished it today. It’s something from my imagination or a combination of things I’ve seen hiking in the past.

Yesterday I got a good start on it but I got stuck. The sky wasn’t as rich and textured as I had hoped and I reached the ugly painting stage. When ever I hit this point and I’m not sure what to do I’ve learned to just walk away.

Isn’t that ugly? Or maybe it’s just me.

So this evening after dinner I decided to finish it instead of having Another half dinner thing lying around the studio. Anyone else have a stack of unfinished work? Any who, here is the finished piece. I hope you like it.


2 thoughts on “A break from Inktober

  1. Absolutely love the finished piece!! Great call with stepping away from it and resetting. The fall colors and the added blotting on the water is a great touch! What went from “ugly” (mind you something I could never do) to the final piece is outstanding! Nice work!


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